Candiria Without Water Lyrics

[Chapter one]
Analyze the devices
War with thee
Pieces of your destiny corrupted
Can you verify the lost contents?

[Chapter two ]
The gravel lodged in your throat
A flesh box cavity
Gradual eruption probe
One that feeds
Hands that caress a crooked spine
Absorbing bi-products
Prompt exchanges
That will deconstruct

[Chapter three]
Move on forward
Signs that will pierce like labor pains
Ways of a drunkard
The dogs shall devour and lap up their blood stains

[Chapter four ]
The prime suspects will now restrain
With affection
Final effects of a broken hope
Of a broken shell
Of a broken yoke
Walk and learn from these
Loss of wealth
Quarantine the divisions
The double edged sword depth incision

[Chapter five ]
Glutten eat your fill
Divination is that of a swine babbling in their filth
Beware of the things hybernating in your skull
Reaking havoc
Malignant cells still active
Schemes that will inflict my son
Schemes that run rampant

[Chapter six]
If the disease of the self
Leaves a heavy burden on your spirit
It must be removed
Like bricks in the belly
You will sink into the depths

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