Keepsake Wither Lyrics

The Things I Would Say Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Third Wish
  • 2 Infinity Road
  • 3 Twenty Percent
  • 4 The Only Light We See
  • 5 Paper Cuts and Broken Hearts
  • 6 A Simple Deed, Two Twisted Minds, a Cry for Help for Humankind
  • 7 Wither
  • 8 On Season Too Late
  • 9 Forlorn
  • 10 Final Moments
  • Nothing remains.
    Was there anything anyway?
    Why prolong the painful existence?
    Emptiness is not a reason for me to continue.
    How long until I end it all?
    It's all disappearing.
    Withering and slowly dying.
    I watch it die.
    Cast aside as demons feed upon my grief.
    This may be too much for me to bear.
    I should be optimistic but escapism is far too tempting.
    How long until I end it all?
    My world is cold and without hope, this emptiness will be forever.
    I watch it disappear.
    How long can I hold on to something that was never there?
    How long until I take these matters into my own hands.
    I watch it disappear.
    I see it slowly dying.
    I watch it wither away and I'll watch it die.
    And I'll watch it die. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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