Destiny’s Child Winter Paradise Lyrics

this is how i feel bout x-mas,I'm doin a 1 time deal
Its the smell of pine
Its the x-mas lights
The feeling of god
The good o'l egg nog
Its the blessed faces
Its them happy faces
Its the family bread
Its the uvs underwaer
Its that anxiousness
Its that great homeness
Its that rumpshusness after givin' all them gifts

[Chorus: x2]
Oh loving and laughing and sharing this winter paradise (2 times)

What this x-mas means to me: spending my time wit my family
Knowing it the season for giving
Running down stairs for moms to keep
Sending x-mas love to the ones you know
Kissin' why'o man under the mistletoe
Spreading love to everyone
And thanking god for the birth of his son

[Chorus: x2]

Snowing and its cold outside
Raping gifts by the fireside
My family is here
X-mas day is near
Its a very special time of the year
A blessed time
A joyous time
A giving time
A good feeling time
A happy time
A laughing time
Sharing this winter paradise

[Chorus: x2]

Its yo gets you give
Its yo relative
Its yo kids in the back room
Its the home cooked food
Its the x-mas colors
The stocking stuffers
Its the impatient nights
Winter paradise

[Chorus: x2]

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