Redman Winicumuhround Lyrics

The hype's got me I knock em out the box then out socks

Cause winicumuhround *****z skate like the rocks

My block...'s hot so gimme all you got

When I'm done rockin I leave you all doin the Bus Stop

My format spins wheels like Pat Sajak

I rub *****z out like Ajax now hit the playback

Rrrwwhwoaah look out roast em like cookouts

I'm smoked out all you MC's pull your books out

Word is bond it's on I get at Dawn like Marvin Gaye

Starvin since the days of Kindergarten

When I dye my ashes, flip my coffin backwards

Blow **** up like the 4th of July, with half sticks

And on and on, to the break of Rae-Dawn Chong

I'm Killin You Softly with this song, with this bomb

I'm like the Bronx, 'cause I Boogie Down

I'm representin Jersey ************, winicumuhround

Winicumuhround, homeboy watch yo nugget

(Aiyyo-yo-yo Redman, yo that was last album) Aiyyo **** it, bust it

The top, notch, look over your sess spots

Get dumb like a whole bag of jumps with red tops

Burn more steam than carpet cleaners

I'm meaner then I'm iller than OJ, catchin a misdemeanor

Boom-bash I set it off (right right)

I shot up your lights while you caught up in the heights

My lyrics starvin, my crew runs like the mob and

The funk butter cup, cause I'm a bastard at robbin

I shake the valleys over Cali when I'm spliffed up

Rock a fifth up, that measure nine point oh on the Erichter

Are you tuned in to my tunes it's boom

y'all *****z couldn't see me if y'all had zoom

I'm accurate like Acura, my style's ninety years maximum

Fuel-injected like a Maxima, wheni'muharound ************

The way I get wreck y'all *****z call it mic check

I'm vexed and if I got an itchy finger like Bernard Geotz

With a pad and a pen I blend funky images

That leave your girl hemmoragin for about two million and

three years move along there's nothing to see here

If I wasn't nice ************ I wouldn't be here

Yeah yeah put metaphors inside a bracket

Def Squad's in the house AND ************ WE CAN BACK IT

Come test your skills for real with a bomb bang boom bang

The sound makes your brains wet

with The Color Purple on a freight train

The devil's the conductor

Then take a trip to the darkside ************s

My funky pattern takes interludes around Saturn

I'm more diesel than evil meant evil like Sebastian

Don't try this at home kids, I zone with ET's

And other alien type of MC's

So throw your **** up in the sky, cause Redman's about to get live

Like one-two-five

I smoke High Times magazines when I lounge

And broken mics and cords is left, winicumuhround ************

Written by: David L. Spradley, Erick S. Sermon, Garry Marshall Shider, George Jr. Clinton, Reggie Noble
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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