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The Allman Brothers Band Lyrics

Endlessly facing the cold concrete floor
Four cold grey walls, and no doors
I barely remember the last forty days
Or just what they're holdin' me for
So far away, they tell me:
"Boy, You're here to stay; win, lose or draw"
Letters unanswered and visits so few
Cold desperation I know
I guess I'd give most anything
Oh Lord, if they'd just let me go
I'm so far away
Day after lonely, lonely day
Win, Lose or Draw

Ma, shes dead and gone
Pa just don't seem to find the time
It makes me so sad that he's forsaken me
When he's all I had left I call mine
I'm so far away
Day after lonely, lonely day
Win, lose or draw.

There's two men in one room for ten long years
Still strangers that talk away the time
'Cause each time I think of your soft hand in mine
I lay here and die one more time
And I'm so far away
Day after lonely, lonely day
Win, Lose or Draw

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