Shai Hulud Willing Oneself to Forget What Cannot Otherwise Be Forgiven Lyrics

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Fail the sun to shine
As there is no more beauty left to alighten
What was once flourished has withered away
And what will not weather I cannot stomach
Oh the cruelty of a persistent scar
Fail the sun to shine

I can keep my lips from trembling
While I sever with regretful hands
The strings so carelessly attached to me
I can remove the litter of intimacy
Alas, this won't be the death of me

If that which breaks merely tears seldom lasts
How can that which breaks ever heal
This won't be the death of me

I would rather bleed than feel
I would rather bleed

No man can learn the value of his life without pain
And yet no man deserves a life's worth in pain
And I have a lifetime left to learn

Am I not a better man?
A man who has grown sound and strong
A man who has learned from his misery

Am I not a better man?
A clever man who taught his flesh the way of steel
This lasting man of resolve and will

Am I not a better man?
Or just a bitter man?
That rots with memories and only grows cold?
And indeed, I have grown cold

And this moment feels like the harshest end to the coldest day
This day has lasted a lifetime
With an eternity left to lapse

Here I am, forsaken
Just as I forsook the sun
A blend of venom and winter
The kiss of frost and poison

How I wish for a steady hand to wipe away these scars
Or a tender kiss to render me forgetful

Were the sun to follow bitter examples
We would truly know winter

May the sun shine on the forsaken
May the sun shine brightly
And illuminate our scars

Written by: Geert Van Der Velde, Matthew Fletcher, Matthew Fox

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