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Pastor Troy Lyrics

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Will he will he come home tonight I'm praying for my
Ganstas and my real *****s will he will he coming home
Tonigh I'm praying for my gansta and my real *****s
He will he come home tonight I'm praying for my ganstas and my real *****s

I aint never ment to be gangsta
I aint never ment to be hard
This world so full of anger
Its like the monies god
But I know better so the chetta aint a issue
Plus everybody in the chevy ridin wit ya
But everybody wit ya aint down
And everybody down aint wit ya
All u gotta do is call his name
He'll send his angels to get ya
Heavenly send your angels of protection
'Cause now the whole world got weapons
We gon make it home tonight

Yeah im smokin and thankin about the future
Livin in a world where ya own kind'll shoot ya
Gettin to the money its funny but u a target
Brain washed really ***** this is silly
Killin bout rims killin bout cash
When its about the credit they make us look pathetic
So tonight I just want u to play this song
And everybody make it bak home its on*

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