Officer Negative Wife Beaters Lyrics

Dead to the World Track Listing
  • 1 Don't Turn Away
  • 2 SWP
  • 3 J.C.H.C.
  • 4 Bobbie and Suzie
  • 5 The Fence
  • 6 Sing Along Song
  • 7 Real Faith
  • 8 End of the Beginning
  • 9 Us & Them
  • 10 Satan's Gonna Lose
  • 11 Sanctified
  • 12 Wife Beaters
  • 13 Pressure
  • 14 Dead to the World
  • angers in your blood
    you are seeing red
    think your number one
    jealousy in your minds
    violence in your soul
    to be a man
    you hit your wife
    you have no self control

    control a woman
    thats what you try and do
    play mind games
    like your in a game of pool
    hit them with your fist
    kick them with your boot
    after that you think its cool
    get it straight you freaking fool

    wife beaters your so lame
    play that foolish game
    wife beaters your so lame
    play that foolish game

    to hit a girl is so immature
    to hit a girl, you are insecure
    to hit a girl, you have no self esteem
    to hit a girl.....
    there is no excuse

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