SRH Why Not? Lyrics

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Live to be underestimated, well everybody was faded
I just got a head start, now I’m everybody’s favorite
Things are looking up for me,
So living comfortably doesn’t seem so much of a luxury like it must have been
It’s in front of me, took a flight and it’s suddenly everything that I wanted
Just watch to me, get to rush for me
To be inside of this pool screaming fuck a beat
Flowing acapella baby, might as well just cut me free
You really need to put your trust in me
I race the clock home boy, now I’m finally one up to speed
Upper cut the track, I found myself a money tree
Burned it to the ground, shouldn’t be easy like slutty teens
Nobody fucks with me when I touch the beat
These rappers turned the honey bees, looking for something sweet
Son of a motherfuckin gunner runnin up your street
Hot bore is like I got a milk to her, she in my teeth
Could hurt you with a beat, hit or murk the industry
Take weapons with Vineggy and fuck up their delivery
I swear it’s killing me, they don’t see that I’m still a beast
Killer or be killed in this jungle filled with wilder beasts
I give symphonies, every inch of me is waiting to blow the fuck up – atomic energy
I’m that center piece, I’m missin it
Your vicinity givin you all the remedy with intensity effortlessly
Giving me anything, I’mma eat it
Or you should leave it cuz rappers just start repeatin what I’m speakin cuz they tweakin off whatever they smoking
I provoke em, leave em open when I multiply the dopeness with ferociousness
I make these motherfuckers cope with this
I’m so legit, equipped with fully load eclipse
Fully loaded spits, yea I’m sure you bitches noticed it
Or most of the opponents will call to they misspoken yet
I’m the top gun, vent for fire and if you close to it
You’ll burn your motherfuckin face and even choke from it
I’m a Doberman, let’s have a show where hands to vote whoever’s closest to king on to the show again
And I’mma pop you like a soda can
Bet you thought that I was older man

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