Justin Timberlake Why I Love Sports Lyrics

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You hear it started when you're young
And it still sounds the same.
It's not if you win or lose, Gregory-
It's how you play the game, oh yes it is.
But sometimes the contest can be more
Then Stewart Scott reports.
The pride the grace, the dignity,
And that's why I love sports.

This year some great ones packed it up,
After soaring to new heights
We said goodbye to heading it Straight
And a crazy Bobby Knight
But in the halls of football history
One name they'll surely carve
I can't say what it's future holds,
Plus nothing ryhmes with Favre.

There's upset and surprises like Appalachian state
The ordinary Giants who were suddenly great
Like Buster beatin Tyson
Or that miracle on ice
The most shocking baffling outcome in the history, of the game
Was when Memphis-
Got beat by Kansas-
And Mario Chalmers hit that 3 with 2 seconds left and Derrick Rose couldnt buy a free throw to save his life
Offered by TO to keep Pacman out of court,
Talk about your long shots,
But thats why I love sports.

All the stars are here,
I can see Venus too,
Rocket suns and a Galaxy.
Tom Brady had the better team,
A perfect the season to defend.
How could he possibly lose this game?
He had the world's most awesome tight end.

That Jessica, she's quite a jinx
When she shows up old Romo stinks.
With a women there it's hard to make a pass.
"They say I put a curse on you, and it's probably hard to argue too
you forgot what you're supposed to do. oh Romo oh Romo, like where fro thy Romo. yodolehehooo"
And that's why I love sports

I talk the talk but i know how to back it,
Steve Harvey ain't got this many green jackets.
Major coming up and I ain't even in it,
A perfect chance for a white guy to win it.

When i get up on the rim,
People go nuts,
You can't dunk like me with a jelly doughnut
I'm a lady off the court in the game i take flight
I've got more hops then a Case of Miller light

When I hurt my ankle, I mean my knee
I was headed to the hospital,
But then I came back we won it because
Anything is possible
It's the top of the world where anything is possible,
That's why I love sports.
Anything is possible!

All the steriods and scandles and cheating
Lying and denying and misleading
I haven't seen such balls since NBA dudes wore short shorts
Even though I read the mitchell report,
I still love sports.

The Tour de France is sad,
There's not much left to admire,
All of the sponsors have left cause Lance Armstrong retired

Bonds and Clemens pled not guilty
Congress got involved of course
Who would have thought that the only honest one in this whole sad affair would be

And the Pats with Matt Walsh filming every play
I hope they didn't treat the Superbowl that way.

The Superbowl (echo)
The most hallowed ground (echo)
In of all professional football (echo)

Okay that was me, what do you want

How, how could you do it?
Well i didn't think anybody was watching
How, how could you do it?
It was a waldrobe malfunction
How, how could you do it?
I wanted to be the only dude at a football game to get to second base?
How, how could you do it?
No? Well, i love sports. (he loves sports)

I love sports
I love sports
Still love 'em
I still love 'em
I love sports, i love em all
I love sports. i love, wait wait wait, Rajon
Rajon Rondo
He's cool, im just saying
Somebody say yeaa
Oh just a sec. i love sports. Oh yes i do.

We love sports, sports, sports.
Sports, sports, sports, sports....

Break it down,
I said I, I love sports.


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