Westlife Why Do I Love You Lyrics

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Suddenly she´s leaving
Suddenly the promise of love has gone
Suddenly breathing seems so hard to do

Carefully you planned it
I got to know just a minute to late, oh girl
now I understand it
All the times we, made love together
baby you were thinking of him

Why do I love you
Don´t even want you
Why do I love you like do
Like I always do
You should´ve told me,
Why did you have to be untrue (love you like I do)
Why do I love you like I do

Ain´t gonna show no weakness
I´m gonna smile and tell the whole world I´m fine
I´m gonna keep my senses,
but deep down, when no one can hear me
baby I´ll be crying for you


Can´t go back, can´t erase
Baby, your smiling face, oh no
I can´t think of nothing else but you

[Chorus to end]

Written by: David Bengt Kreuger, Per Olof Magnusson, Jorgen Kjell Elofsson
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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