Turk Who Put It Together Lyrics

Raw & Uncut Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 U Thought It Was Over
  • 2 Cock Aim Shoot
  • 3 Letter From That World
  • 4 Amped Up
  • 5 Putcharaggsup Remix (feat. B.G. and Kenoe)
  • 6 Keep It Ghetto
  • 7 Penitentairy Chances
  • 8 Dat Look (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
  • 9 I Been Through Dat
  • 10 I Luv U for Dat
  • 11 All I Got in This World (feat. Kenoe & Tooley)
  • 12 What Cha Dranking On (feat. Kenoe & Tooley)
  • 13 Who Put It Together
  • 14 Macking and Pimping (feat. Kenoe)
  • 15 I'm Tired (feat. Kenoe)
  • This for my block *****z
    My *****z who got the block hot
    Ya understand
    Check it out, look . .

    [ Verse 1: Turk ]
    Everyday all day, I be getting my grind on
    So I can live lovely and get my shine on
    Early in the morning, to late at night
    I be doing my thing, going on flights
    Catching the night ramblers, and the early birds
    Best believe they coming, all they need is the word
    Where the fire at, and they gone crowd your world
    Especially if you got big bags of pearl
    For the dope fiends
    Crack for the crack fiends
    Weed for the weed fiends
    Coke for the coke fiends
    I'm a all around hustler with every drug
    And I serve everybody, don't care where you from
    When it comes down to money, then I gotta get it
    In order to stack hundreds, I gotta get out and get it
    And make something out of nothing
    Try to shake something
    Got enough fetti on the strip for me to shake something

    [ Chorus 4x: Turk ]
    I hustle eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours
    *****, *****, you put it together

    [ Verse 2: Turk ]
    (Look, look)
    I hustle 52 weeks straight
    12 months, 365 days cause they got money to make
    Doing bad is something I hate
    That's why I take
    Penitentiary chances, every single day
    I gotta feed the little one
    That's why I do's, what I do's
    Behind a project ****in' building
    It's must I make ends meet
    Cause ain't no *****, no ***** gone take care of me
    I been strugglin' for too long
    That's why I hit the corner and get my groove on
    Selling coke and heroine
    Watching the words that I speak on my cell phone
    From the shop to the block, *****
    Our spot be hot, and I, got it on lock, *****
    And only I got the ki'
    So that means, ain't no ***** could hustle with me

    [ Chorus 4x ]

    [ Verse 3: Turk ]
    (Look, look)
    All I know is how to sell drugs
    How to make a quick come-up, my *****, and get it in bluff
    Been making dirty money all my life
    Since 12, got off the porch, my *****, and started livin' trife
    Dropped out of school and I didn't finish
    Runnin' the streets so hard, I ran down my tenni's
    That's just the way that I was livin'
    From sun-up to sun-down, just spinnin' and flippin'
    Up and down the block, in and out the hallways
    Back and forth to stashes, like a chicken with no head
    I had to get paid, 'cause I like nice thangs (why)
    Cause them hoes, jocks a ***** who got change
    Come on man, you know how it go
    Plus a ***** ain't frontin' ya **** no mo
    I gotta get me, get it 'till I can't no mo
    Ball 'till I fall, 'till it ain't no mo

    [ Chorus 4x ]

    [ Turk ]
    Uh-huh, that's how it's going down, *****, from my town, to yo' town
    Get yo **********in' paper ***** by all means. If you gotta
    Murk yo way to get it, work your way to get it
    However *****, get yo ****, *****. Turk said that. ********** them people
    Yeah. And it's like that. I'm a **********in' hustler
    My ***** Ke'noe, he a **********in' hustler. Laboratory *****;
    You know we some **********in' hustlers, ya understand?
    See what's going down, in 2003 to.. whenever. Look . .

    Written by: Tab Virgil, Maurice Jordan
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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