Lil' B Who Gangsta Lyrics

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You're still in the hood
I'm still driving cars
I'm still gonna hit
Yeah, a nigga still just dealing
Still in the hood, man fuck no feelings!
Feel me? Like Wayne is no...
Man, Lil B bitch, man, I'm a fucking...
You feel me? I ain't talking about killing
Lil B, main bitch, you gotta feel em!

Yeah! I'm trying to build a house today
Tell my niggas in the hood we're going out today
I'm still post the one I opened
Back in the head, man I hit it with the stripes.
I can't forget them suckers
Stand up in the hood and they shot my brother
Fuck! Niggas think the shit's a game
45 with a... it was calling my name.
I said I would never complain
If I sell off the zip, I won't get on the plane
I got a real story to tell
Make news before the rap, cocaine sell!
Damn! yeah, walk around past me
New Bentley coop, now they gotta look at me
I'm still young and fuck your money
I'm riding in the hood doing time for the homie!

You feel me? Yeah, niggas ain't solid like this
Niggas ain't solid like this!
Niggas ain't solid like this!
Niggas ain't solid like this!
Yeah, niggas ain't solid!

I'm going couple .. today
Nigga, move that zip, we're getting rich today
I'm still on the stove with the water
Put it in the zone, it's gonna jump like Vince Carter
Niggas say, don'tr trust me!
I'm about 25, cut 20 with 3!
I'm still well and fuck you, suckers!
All night in the hood with them choppers in public!
You feel me? Yeah!
I'mma tell you mother fuckers that I'm right, you know what I mean?
I'mma show you pussy, who gangsta
I'mma show you pussy who are gangstas
Stay in the .. true like a ranger!

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