Everlast Who's The Man (Underdog Mix) Lyrics

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I used to kick it with the thugs, pushin' drugs in the park
Stickin' every mark that was out after dark
Stick'em for their loot, cut'em up, then I'd dash
And when I had to shoot, I let it up for the cash
Ran down the block with my .45 glock
Capped off a round, everybody hit the ground
The next thing I heard was the sirens
Couldn't turn around, money gripped, I kept firin'
Runnin' for a ride, I can't go inside
I'd rather that I died, I got too much pride
I guess it's just somethin' that you can't understand
My gun's in my hand, so tell me who's the man

Who's the man with the master plan
Who's the man, who's the man

I used to sell yayo back in the day-o
Ran with a gang, had all the homie slang
Grams to the quarters, takin' all the orders
Makin' all the runs, bringin'in the funds
I always got my gun, it's that old six-shooter
I'm the King of the neighborhood, crazy white peckerwood
Now people thinkin' Danny lost his mind
Bustin everyone in rhymes, rememberin' all the hard times
Like chillin' in the park in the dark with the crew
I'm always gettin' high, I saw my man die
Now I gotta' work up the dough, 25 grams and a 5 keys of blow
I gotta' relocate and start all over
Or watch it blow up like a supernova
I keep my game in tight and follow the plan
My gun's in my hand, tell me who's the man


I got myself locked down in the pen
I ain't got a friend, so here I go again
I gotta' get my props up and earn some respect
Gotta' shank someone up and throw'em off the top deck
My time's runnin' out, I gotta spill some blood
If I don't do it quick, shit, my name'll be mud
So I pick out a hardrock and rush him in his cell
Beat his ass down and then say that he fell
And if I gotta do him, screw him, the convict's dead
I'll stab him in the chest just to let the rest
of the cell block know that I'm nobody's ho
My shank's in my hand so tell me who's the man
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