Hanover Saints Who's Hesitating Lyrics

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Hate the world plain and simple ,wanna see things in a different perspective
Running with the boys that know it's been all about the bitter rhetoric
Everyone knows who the toughest lad is and who threw their first bottle
Who's the first one to end up in jail and who is the last one left to follow

Cuz I was tired of failing, sick of complaining. Always hesitating. cuz I know a better picture when I see a better picture

These past years fads are as boring as the next,
king of the scene this year or failed the rules to pass this rebel test,
so I shout ,shout for glory and honour and I shout ,shout for glory and strength
I will never apologize for the best thing that happened to me

There will come a day when walls will crash and fall all around us Jesus take em on come on

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