Sage Francis Who's Crying? Lyrics

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I go to the water park to show off my altered cock,
To any whore in a halter top who likes to talk a lot.
I force a sock into her mouth hole to keep her gums from flapping.
Strip her of her southpole, and bust a fuckin' backspin
On her northface. turn this court case into a dragged out lawsuit.
I'm attracted to her dad now, he's more cute.
"eeeyyooo!" i heard the guy comes quick from hand speed.
I'mma hafta fertilize his stomach with my man seed.
"then plant trees!" my brocolli cock needs watering.
Cry your eyes out above my rotting crotch and feed it awful things
Like love and affection, right? hug the erection tight!
She went down under, i fed that aussie slut some vegamite.
I get in fights every night because of my heavy metal persona,
With rapper stars but battle scars are my medals of honor.
We're rappers without a consciousness. i've had it with of all this pompous 'ish.
I'm just gonna' get obnoxious with...repeatedly callin' ya mom's a beach bum.

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