Who's-Been-Sleeping-In-My-Head-lyrics-Electrafixion/8529337BF886749448256DDE000C68CFWho's-Been-Sleeping-In-My-Head-lyrics-Electrafixion/8529337BF886749448256DDE000C68CFWho's-Been-Sleeping-In-My-Head-lyrics-Electrafixion/8529337BF886749448256DDE000C68CF Electrafixion Lyrics

Electrafixion Lyrics

Who's been sleeping in my head?
I know for sure it was not me
All those things I second-handed said and
All those things I couldn't see

In between now and the memory
Another you and another me

Sick, sucked, sacked
I want my reason back and
Tell me how'd you fall so low?
Beaten off the ever beaten track and
Where did all those hours go?

In between now and the coming soon
Another me and another you

And it's my time
And it's my time
And it's my time

Now, yeah
Now, yeah
Now, yeah
Now, yeah

Underneath another god
I could've believed in you
Underneath another sky
Could've believed in me

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