White-Magic-Black-Magic-lyrics-Saint-Vitus/A7AFA104715C333048256DAE00104997White-Magic-Black-Magic-lyrics-Saint-Vitus/A7AFA104715C333048256DAE00104997White-Magic-Black-Magic-lyrics-Saint-Vitus/A7AFA104715C333048256DAE00104997White-Magic-Black-Magic-lyrics-Saint-Vitus/A7AFA104715C333048256DAE00104997White-Magic-Black-Magic-lyrics-Saint-Vitus/A7AFA104715C333048256DAE00104997 Saint Vitus Lyrics

Saint Vitus Lyrics

I believe in miracles
I don't believe in sin
I believe in wizardry
I don't believe in trends
White magic / Black magic
Which am I to choose?
I believe that is up to me
I don't believe in you
I believe in fairy tales
I don't believe in lies
I believe in innocence
I don't believe your eyes
White magic / Black magic
What am I to do?
Charmes and curses screaming from
Me each one aimed at you
I believe in second chances
I don't believe in firsts
I believe that it's getting harder
I don't believe in worse
White magic / Black magic
Both become my tools
Pressure rising, perish now
You optimistic fool

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