Lynyrd Skynyrd White Knuckle Ride Lyrics

When I was a kid, I loved hanging out
Down at the ol' dirt track,
Was my dream to be out there
Leader of all the pack.
I had to wait all week for Sunday
But it never comes too fast
When they hit that track
They ain't looking back
They're gonna give no price to last

It's a White Knuckle Ride
There's only one thing on my mind
It's being the first to cross that finish line
It's a White Knuckle Ride
I love leaving y'all behind
If don't run outta gas,
And my tires last
I'm gonna take that checkered flag

Well I love my job 'cause love my car
When I hear my engine roar
Strap me in let the race begin
Put the peddle to the floor
Now I got me a big time sponser
The best crew working for me
But I ain't any different
Than the way I used to be


(Piano solo)

You might crash and burn if you make that turn
A little bit too fast
But that's a chance you take if you're gonna rage
You can't let up off the gas


C'mon boys
White Knuckle Ride!
White Knuckle Ride!
White Knuckle Ride!
White Knuckle Ride!
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