Fiend White Dress Lyrics

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Nigga find me on the yacht, I pay I get a breeze
You stay on the lock, but they gotta stand in kiss
Land lovers, somebody can't botter us
For hour trynna lot, almost kings such us
Beeing on water, wasting the covers
Is this like was it dance, every bone rappers like this bend is gained
Money nigga is better and we never make sensless
Uh, wait this on the school, oh wait this get a problem,
Like fuck ain't shit, have a long day with the bro Johns,
Never put a broad way, bassered right before a real nigga
As you do, what the song say, turn down ha out the dya
Just earn mile a dues, wait a dinner behalf
Tick days, paying with the prefy, put the abroad eyes
So lips ain't sweet times, think of blue bedroom,
Counting money like you gorgeous, find a damma like you're flooding
Some attend fin as is time beve, two open bone are not something
I just scream, my time is limited so you know I in that that dress call you
Hills on the screeve, so you'll give me mood, we got encovered, we can live though
Yea, John's got the momenton, two hot bones, she get the rip though
Use nigga's trap, she go and get them, whenever before me forget them
Lucifer loses his better quality, life was omission, get that
String level, my brothers are then up ranging, milling late nights
Wanna some weight to lose, and I ain't feel it , not yet
Like the j empty, though, she'll be killing 'em hose, you now
Wait, great book, we send the sailor man, I mean night keep going
Get you, right here I.

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