Sacred Rite White Boy Lyrics

Sacred Rite Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Wings Of Pegasus
  • 2 Angels Never Die
  • 3 White Boy
  • 4 The Blade
  • 5 Executioner
  • 6 R.I.P.
  • 7 Revelation
  • I was walking down the street, when a lady caught my eye
    As I walked right by her, she said, 'Ooooh, my, oh my!'
    'If you step this way, boy, I'll give it to you free'
    I said, 'I'll think about it', and you know what she said to me?

    'I need a little white boy
    'And I feel that you're the type, boy
    'I need a little white boy
    'And you sure are lookin' right, boy'

    I said, 'Now wait a minute, you're comin' on too strong
    'I got a feelin' you're a lady of the night, but you know I could be wrong'
    She said, 'Awe, come on, son, you got to learn how to relax
    'And even if I was one, wouldn't charge you any tax!'

    I woke up the next morning, and I knew that I'd gone wrong
    I had to find a way to warn you, that's why I wrote this song
    If you ever come across a lady who's givin' up for free
    I advise you to stay away, 'cause she's got some kind of disease

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