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Vader Lyrics

Jaunting on maps of our bodies
We wandering through vastness of inner and outer space
Through and through
Immersed in love of will.

I am laying on my back
And gazing at inky black sky
Serpent shapes
Moves of your hands
The mind is burning
Drowned in carnal desires
Inflowing pictures
Visions of dead world

Fancy visions of dead world
Gives me shiver when
You caresses my body
Emptiness beyond
We are alone on this earth
And all treasures of the world
Belong to us

The sacrilege of love
And sacrificial love
Weals are wandering on your skin
You are wielding my sword

This is the greatest gift
We received from mother Earth
So let's play this game

Bodies surrounded by fire
And envy of stars
Stimulation of every part
Of mind, body and soul

Our never-ending ritual
Will always go on
Like war never ends
Like fall always comes
Like stars are shining
On nightly sky
Our love of will
Will go on
To eternal death
Of the human world.

5. When Darkness Calls

In the midst of wave
Unconceivable Evil
And we are drowning down
Into the forgotten city
Oxygen becoming treasure
Is it time to choose
...yes, it is...
We plunging in madness
In the depths of madness
Into the light in the end
Of this terrible journey

Guided by figure sculpted in ivory
Place, where absence of life
Does not mean morality
Imagination in one with memory
And memories are so real
Unveiling the mystery
Storm choirs are wailing
Splendid structures
Going out searchlight

In the midst of wave
Unconceivable Evil
And we are drowning down
Into the forgotten city
It's time to choose
And I am choosing
The Unknown...

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