Webb Pierce Whirlpool of Love Lyrics

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(Whirlpool whirlpool of love
Everyone says stay away from her door)

You'll end up with heartaches like you ain't before
But I'm lonesome for you in this world that I call a whirlpool of love

(Nothing seems good for me when you're away)

If I'm sad or happy in the night time or day
It all depends on you darling you see in this whirlpool of love
You brought me many heartaches before
But in your heart dear you know

(I am still waiting for you as before)

Soon I'll be knocking on your heart's door
One word from you will set me free from this whirpool of love
You brought me many heartaches before...

(Whirlpool whirlpool of love)

Written by: Gary Williams, Webb Pierce
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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