Emery While Broken Hearts Prevail Lyrics

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Put on your shoes, let's go outside
It's easy for the brilliant light
Avoiding phone calls and long goodbyes
The city skylines always bring big smiles to me
As we sit in our cars, divided by white lines and signs in between
Electronic letters screaming it all gets better
And I'm just waiting for you to sing
It's nice to be alive and feel nothing at all
Full credit for the right
Don't shout I hear you
It's gonna be hard
I've already said that to myself it's not worth repeating
You better speak up before the drive
Everyone's hiding something, there's nothing like you said
When you're holding nothing, no one trusts a prayer
Hang from your words and guard your heart
This is just a new found transition
But without reason, I found you
With so much outside my window
You're not here, by my side
So that you could see how little it matters
I'm yours now, you brought me things that I've waited to dream
But it's over when you say so

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