Bad Lucc Where You From Lyrics

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Where you from home boy?

West side of Compton
With a nigga come through with too much blue
Niggas is knockin on mamas
Grab me a breakfast, roll out my knockers
Share a tocca with my 15 year old partners
No wifies but my youngins is all pockin
And no matter how much I preach to em, they ain’t stopping
Love it like I should, even though I don’t bang no
But if I did yall would already know what I played woa

Where you from home boy?

NY City, 6th in town exact
Now what it is with that?
When an eagle’s out there, ho saved your linics til 6
Mine’s got some shit, we have to move to them bricks
Not the project, you hear?
Left of McCane, right on the 100 and 3rd
Town out pickin, that’s where I met all my foolies
Right where my goonies all shit
Before I bust me a bitch I rep the 106

Where you from home boy?

I’m from the west side of Riders, is anybody killa?
You can be like Mike but you sure can’t be like Miller
We don’t care about no red, we don’t care about no blue
And we don’t care bout who your cousin if he’s on it’s fuck you
Yea we wearin golden blue
Michigan, Wolverines
A hundred guns in that hood, it ain’t none, nothing clean
Nigga didn’t won the war, well that’s what it’s gonna see
And I love the OG’s but ain’t no disciplining me
Bitches acting like they with it, it’s police so they be brave
And I ain’t finna touch a bitch, my lil sister catch the faye
Head in between the bitch lap but ain’t got braze
I’m just on my gutta shit, living with my gutta bitch
Looking with my hustla bitch, she can east side hustle quip
She squabbled with my mafia bitch, but it’s fam so we don’t trip

And hold up, hold up cub
Let’s go ahead and get onto this bread shit ah?

Whutchu sellin home boy?

Pepe Z and some nice pills
Little night drill, the middle man a few white deals
Hustlin flow on the go, livin that life still
But never full time, just had to pay a few light bills
Copped a few whips cuz a nigga got my skills
Pimp the bitch for some chips and after workin my swag will
Trees getting that E while I wait for the right deal
But hit me if you lookin for fly still, you understand?

Whutchu sellin home boy?

Dub satch, my nigga Cass
Started off on 106, I even sold a lil hash
Made a couple on the flip, me and my bro was pushin zips
Made it to peaves but never really fuck with D
He had me on my paper weights, packin straight
Syllables to 22 and 28, in Vegas had over 58
Hundred packs of 300, should I have push the B’s?
Til I started sellin these wraps to the big homie from the beach

Whutchu sellin home boy?

Kush bags on dick
Sold a little pussy, shootin it out on fig
So the white girl, both ways getting it in
And I can only thank God, ain’t never seen a pimp
Boys hit the spot, call me time, don’t bend
Make bail, don’t fail, we back open again
Dubs for the 15, dons for the 7
Started with a G and already stacked me 11

God it ain’t home boy
Who you shot home boy?

Man, hold up hold up hold up
Man you going too far now nigga I’m not saying that

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