Gavin DeGraw Where You Are Lyrics

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Well everybody hurts,
That’s where we’re all the same
We drive on through the worst
And push on through the pain

I’m standing at your door
It’s been a million miles
I’ll be the first to say
I can’t take anymore

And that I wanna be where you are
I feel the same as I did from the start
Whoa, I wanna be where you are
And I’m willing to get there
There won’t be any hearts breaking again
This is the part where I stay where I stand
Oh, I wanna be where you are
Tell me you’re with me so far

So let this be the chance
The only one that counts
Your love will be my last
Until my life runs out

Until then I won’t rest
Till then I will not stop
Until I hear the words
All I need is a 'yes'


I am amazed
And I’m clutching to each word you say
If only the space
Forgetting every mistake
That I made

I’m beginning to change
Cause I feel all my fears slip away
And each look at you
Is a moment I choose to embrace


Written by: Gavin Degraw
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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