MC Lars Where Ya Been Lars? Lyrics

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Where ya been Lars?
Where ya been?
Where ya been Lars?
Where ya been?

I've been touring everywhere just to bring this world
On a three year long mission just to merch & destroy
I've been to Sydney, been to Dublin, been to Tokyo and
Still rocking Capcom hoodies and that dirty A's cap
I'm still repping Northern Cali, hella non-conformist
I toured with Gym Class Heroes and then they got

I've drawn a lot of comics and I've rocked a lot of
I saw nerdcore come and I saw nerdcore go
I did a track with mc chris, though I kind of whish I'd
He'd be like "I want three grand for that verse or I'll
Sue" (true)
I opened for T-Pain he had zero production
He made my drummer move his drums, gave his stage

Manager instructions (move your drums)
I DJ-ed Johnny Phillips wedding, Gerard Way was there
I'm like "We have the same booking agent", he's like
"ask me if I care?"
I met Weird Al, I met Flava Flav
I met DMC but the photo wouldn't save
I'm like "Camera phones suck," he's like "I know
They're tricky"

He didn't actually say that, but if he had, it would
Have been good for comedy purposes.
CP's y'all!

CP's. Alright

Written by: Ady Wardle, Andrew R. Nielsen, Brandon Arnovick, Jim Greer, Ribiero Walt, Sebastian Reynolds
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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