Cacophony Where My Fortune Lies Lyrics

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Took a chance, broken dice.
Paid my cards, ought to be twice.
Get the land, overcare.
Waiting till the day I win.
Over left play the game.
The out control is a shame.
When the danger is in tonight.
and the world is passing by
till my fortune really lies
on the line.
And my quest for seems right.
Taking all the risk inside
till my fortune really lies
on the line.
Got to win, it's my turn.
yesterdays are bridges burnt.
Spin the wheel, once again.
Never quit, till I win.
Still I'm searching every day,
and I know it all the way.
Repeat chorus
Well, this is my fortune.
Speed Metal Symphony Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Savage
  • 2 Where My Fortune Lies
  • 3 The Ninja
  • 4 Concerto
  • 5 Burn the Ground
  • 6 Desert Island
  • 7 Speed Metal Symphony
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