Where-Are-You-Now-lyrics-Galactic-Cowboys/8EAB053B08A3372548256EA0002266C6Where-Are-You-Now-lyrics-Galactic-Cowboys/8EAB053B08A3372548256EA0002266C6 Galactic Cowboys Lyrics

Galactic Cowboys Lyrics

We laughed until it was dark and ending the day
I used to walk with you home
We used to talk on the phone with nothing to say

And where are you now, long time no see
I wonder where you are now, remember me

Once I wrote you a song
But now it seems like a long, long time since then
I bet that you're married now
I always thought that somehow I'd see you again

Sessions of baring our souls
Confessions soon took their toll and closed off the door
I wish we hadn't lost touch
Perhaps I told you too much for you to ignore

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