Fear My Thoughts When Will It End Lyrics

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No way out- neither through screaming nor through crying
Only fleeing and hiding seems to make sense
Day by day I go through hell- my own one created by me
In me hope keeps me alive- nothing else to hold on to
I want to end it- I have to end it- I want to leave it all behind
It's grinding me- I have to liberate me- I have to leave it all behind
Recalling the memories- when will it end
What I left behind. The feeling is so real. Recalling what I've lost- pushes my power away
Regarding what I leave behind, the feeling is still so real- so painful
Recalling what I've lost pushes away every power
This numb feeling the agony has to end- no other thought enters my head
Nothing else has a name
Freedom, freedom - I don't care how much to pay

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