Unsilent Phenomenon When The Night Comes Lyrics

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When The Night Comes

Dark rider has shuttered all light in the sky
Gloom comes down to land and shrouds all
You realized this night's last in your life
Tonight you should make your great fall

Darkness gave you strange inspiration and influx of power
You always felt you'd die exactly in disappearing of light
And now you look into the darkness with presentiment this trouble
Divine must be separated from devilish in the dead of night

The nightmares always torn you and now you see it's fucking real
Old man's child in the heavens must be greatest awful deal
Sin destroys your light in the name of rescuing the whole mankind
Light soul falls down to dark abyss but it was right to your mind

Look at your life way and do not convict that you have done
Look at your fate and understand you were not born under the sun
Look in the sky and darkness fills your soul, but you don't cry
Look into (the) darkness over you, take last breath and die!

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