Raekwon Whatever, Whenever Lyrics

Lost Jewlry Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro "A Kings Chariot"
  • 2 Prince of Thieves
  • 3 Young Boy Penalties
  • 4 Hold You Down
  • 5 For the Listeners
  • 6 Die Tonight
  • 7 New Day
  • 8 Lead Season
  • 9 86'
  • 10 Came Up
  • 11 To the Top
  • 12 Whatever, Whenever
  • [Intro]
    Yeah, fly shit, man, word up, man
    It’s that old motherfuckin’ laid back and
    Leanin’ back on that good old alpaca
    In the back of the vehicle and shit
    Countin’ up motherfuckin’ 68 thousand
    Two motherfuckin’ vests on the floor
    Got mad reefer in the ash tray
    Police put 17 cars away
    You already know, man, shit is realer

    [Verse 1: Raekwon]
    Threw on the Harley leather sheepskin gloves, my Beretta
    ‘Bout to hit the ghetto, hard-body bring the kettle
    Niggas is drinkin’ and gamblin’, all you see is hammers in my corner
    Champion sweats, hoes in pajamas
    7-50 new blue, this is my lady
    She stay playin’ suits, mad cute, two 3-80s
    And her cousin, a police who live in the east
    I knew him from the fifth grade, he definitely is a beast
    A thug smugglin’ cop who live in the ‘hood
    Plus he rock a lot of Carhartt, Braveheart, die hard
    The day I seen him, was the day they tried to rob him
    They pulled out a flare gun, they shot out his charger
    Yo, beast started simmerin’ at dice games and pubs
    Niggas runnin’ up in alleyways gettin’ mugged
    Niggas lucky, ‘cause them other niggas butt
    I sat back, calm as fuck, enter the conference

    Whatever, whenever
    Just keep that thing up on you
    Wherever, whenever
    Whatever, whenever
    Just keep that thing up on you
    Wherever, whenever

    [Verse 2: Raekwon]
    Show ‘em how we position, all of the shit glisten
    Stones flooded the Smith and, liquor, I’m reminiscing
    Fiends are still sniffin’, sons are still in prison
    My pen is still scriptin’ all of them ghetto visions
    They gave me the contract, came where moms is at
    Left a Audi 86 in the driveway in the mack
    Felt like young Bond, Tom Forrest, slacks and metal lenses
    Two polaroid pictures in front of his brother’s Benzes
    His sisters was some hustlin’ dykes, bullyin’ niggas
    Ridin’ around, mollied up, plus suspended licenses
    Hit the stash box – right there, a hundred in cash
    Left a blue steel muzzle in the glove box, yikes
    4:40 that morning, it’s foggy, I’m under the Gotti
    Louis jumper jacket, huntin’ hat cocky
    Mad ‘cause I ain’t fuck that morning
    I had a Korean-Malaysian black sister with a thunder back ridin’ me
    Made it to the balcony part
    Tossed the rope around the big lion head statue, climbed up remarkably
    Right by the window, they there
    Took a glance through, they covered in Versace covers
    Fuckin’ in the mirror
    Couldn’t see the faces, heard the moans
    La Perla Draws hung off the sectional chair, cocked the chrome
    Emptied the barrel, all you saw was goose down flyin’
    The trigger felt like wind, it was two bitches lyin’ there


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