George Duke Whatever Happened To... Lyrics

Is Love Enough? Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Into the Future (Prelude)
  • 2 Is Love Enough?
  • 3 It's Summertime
  • 4 Love Songs
  • 5 It's Our World
  • 6 Fill The Need
  • 7 Kinda Low
  • 8 Time And Space (Interlude)
  • 9 Back In The Day
  • 10 This Place I Call Home
  • 11 How About You
  • 12 Laid Back Sunday
  • 13 Thinkin' 'Bout You
  • 14 I'm Falling
  • 15 Whatever Happened To...
  • 16 Back From The Future (Postlude)
  • Self respect and the will to rise above
    Whatever happened to the right thing to do
    Love your brother, let peace abide with you

    Whatever happened to live and let live
    Tolerance and a willingness to give

    Whatever happened to the goodness in a man
    Was good ever there or has good lost its hand

    Whatever happened to the drive to learn
    To better oneself just because one yearns
    Whatever happened to the unique voice
    The one of a kind giving us a greater choice

    Whatever happened t ostriving towards goals

    Seems we're our own worst enemy and foe

    Written by: George Duke
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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