Mr Pookie Whatchallwannado Lyrics

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[Mr. Pookie]
Jus anotha day, chiffin hay, in North Dallas
C-Pone jus called me up, now I'm about to hit tha shower
Took me bout an hour, and now I'm creased down in my Polo
I'm makin these n***** hate today, by wearin a crooked logo
Watch out for tha blow hoe, and leavin you b****** in tha mist
And if you n***** dont trip on me, then I wont bust yo s***
Plus my click be tha ruffest, not sayin we tha toughest
But Stoneycrook n*****, been known to come out wit tha ruckus
f*** you who say f*** us, and all ya'll n***** who be hatin'
Cappin, cause you can't fade me, runnin up on me daily
But baby, its mo' complicated, than you can see
Words lose all meanin', when n***** see n***** gleamin'
So dont you even think that you can get outta this
So b****, to get me to this point, you must really got me p*****
I'm twist and dismember, choppin down n**** timber
Kodac moment remember, this crooked n**** a Rippla

Chorus [x2]

Whatchallwannado? If you trip, then we bomb first
Pull out tha guns first, chiff until I lungs hurt
I know bombin', but Tha Rippla finna bomb worse
Look at us come first, best believe be bomb worse

[Mr. Lucci]
Welcome to tha wild, wild west, tha southside, its me, a killa
f*** Billy tha Kid n****, it's Lucci tha Wig Splitta
Like Tyson a hard hitta, toe tag deala
A brain spilla, body chilla, mind thrilla, f*** it, killa
On tha grind for my scrilla, rhymin' hard, workin strong
Chiffin smoke up in my long, still my whole bag gon
I live long, for doin wrong, cause wit my crooks, man its on
Leave a n**** dome blown, or up s*** creek, all alone
For b**pin his grill, he must thought he was go cheat one, 4 real
Now he killed, 6 feet he feel, surrounded by mob skillz
Crooked is as crooked does, like crooked thugs
And crooked hugs and crooked slugs and crooked luv
It aint neva enuff, until I whip it out my holsta
c***ed back ready to roast ya, on every wanted poster
Stayin' high like a vulture, inflictin' pain from smoke
Those crooked soljaz smokin, let tha coroner dispose ya
Chorus [x2]
I been quick to cause a tragedy, f***** wit my faculty
Bullets sprayed rapidly, now they died from my fatality
f*** those who try to battle me, this rap s*** is a mastery
Bomb viciously, leavin tha whole scene full of catastrophes
Hollow my calvary, when I feel danger in tha mist
Now I'm p*****, wit a clutched fist
Around they Ashton and my 45th
No mo lift, in these shady n***** in fleets
We be deadlier than a weed blunt dipped in Phaldahyde and Morphine
Sparklin' clean up through tha industry
Lyrics at yo weak feet, they notice me
Due to my unique style of Texas poetry
Blowin these, wack MC's, who refuse to give our props
Platinum hitz from tha Stoneycrook click, til we all sittin on top
When Tha Rippla drop, best believe we comin wit bombs
Turnin' yo average house party, into a modern day Vietnam
Run up if you want some, we clash like t**ans
Aint no collaboration deadlier than Stoneycrook and I come

Chorus [x2]

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