The One AM Radio What You Gave Away (Alias remix) Lyrics

The pacific northwest coast holds a place i'd longed to see. an unmarked stretch of beach, tied to your memory. i made my way there, breathed that air and walked on those dunes. i sank my feet in the sand, holding your daughter's hand. there's a debt, sir, unanswered, i can't repay: what you gave away. they say the fire goes out on a star long before we know of the light that shines down on us below. i went to that beach, footprints trailing behind, to be washed out by the tide or for someone to

On the Shore of the Wide World Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 What You Gave Away (Alias remix)
  • 2 Under Thunder and Gale (A Black and Blue Sky by Daedelus)
  • 3 Buried Below (Gasp and Sputter remix)
  • 4 Witness (John Tejada remix)
  • 5 I Didn't Speak the Language (Caural's Almost Lost mix)
  • 6 Drowsy Haze (Jane's Blocked Out Interlude)
  • 7 Fever Dream (Calling Out by the Wind-Up Bird)
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