Turk What Would You Do Lyrics

Young & Thuggin’ Track Listing
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Bout to Go Down
  • 3 It’s in Me
  • 4 Yes We Do
  • 5 At the Same Time
  • 6 Growing Up
  • 7 Untamed Guerilla
  • 8 Public Service Announcement
  • 9 One Saturday Night
  • 10 What Would You Do
  • 11 Project
  • 12 Seattle Slew (skit)
  • 13 Freak da Hoes
  • 14 Police (skit)
  • 15 Soldierette
  • 16 All Night
  • 17 Finna Records
  • 18 Wanna Be Down
  • 19 Trife Livin’
  • 20 Hallways & Cuts
  • [Turk (verse 1)]
    Met this ***** named Kitty ­ around-the-way *****
    A nasty hoe that every ***** done hit
    But it's cool, though
    I'm in it to use the hoe
    To hook me up with her brother ­ get the dope and the coke
    You know (uh-huh), brother-in-law-type ****
    Get cool with the ***** then you know I'm all in
    Now he breakin' me off, then put me on my feet
    But I got this funny feelin' that the ***** playin' me
    Ten ounces a week ­ all the **** at my house
    I'ma play it like he playin' - know what I'm talkin' about?
    I ain't givin' him **** ­ my *****, do somethin'
    Heard he was a hoe, so he ain't gon' do nothin'
    Kitty say I'm down bad, so I smacked the *****
    She ran upstairs and got on the phone quick
    and called her brother, and now he pissed off
    What would you do? What would you do, dog?

    [Turk (verse 2)]
    ***** done plotted
    Broke in my crib tryin' to get me ­ I'm in the closet
    Hopin' and prayin' that they don't find me
    I got a thirty-eight with only two bullets in it
    Two *****s ­ What I'ma do? I gotta think quickly
    Should I run and try to get away?
    Should I stay? Try to shoot both of ?em in the head or the legs?
    Man, I'm all ****ed up, stuck like chuck, dog
    And these *****s really tryin' to bust me up, dog
    I swear, if I live through this
    Her brother and his boy gon' get killed for this
    And I put that on everything ­ you can believe that
    Gon' get all of these bullets ­ they gotta bleed for that
    Playin' with me? Uh-uh, I ain't havin' it
    On the for rizneal, I ain't havin' it
    Stupid *****es ain't even check the closet
    I'ma start ridin'
    What would you do?

    [Turk (verse 3)]
    Let my mommy and my brother see the car for the day
    Not thinkin' these *****s gon' run up with the K
    Lookin' for me ­ talkin' ?bout I owe them somethin'
    Now if they want to, they could whack moms and my brother
    in broad daylight ­ these *****s playin' it raw
    Handlin' my folks with the gun in the car
    On that dope, so you know that they don't give a ****
    Make one false move, and you know you're stuck
    My people scared as hell all because of me
    All of these *****s for the last past week
    And they tired of waitin', and they wan' do somethin'
    Either they get they n's or they gon' shoot somethin'
    I gotta do somethin' real real fast
    Before it's too late, and I hear that gun blast
    Can't happen like that
    What would you do?
    What would you do if that happened to you?

    Written by: Damon Thomas, Eric Benet, Eric Dawkins, Harvey Mason Jr, Tony Dixon
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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