We Are the Union What We Have Here, Is a Failure to Communicate Lyrics

two men down
Letters piercing skin to intimidate
Sneaking weapons through the window
Ignorance disguised as insult
shovels shit onto their names
The damage isn't fleeting
when hate rips into veins
these are people you're demeaning
No I won't get over this one
trouble stains won't wash away
take this as appeal to reason
When those words fire out of mouths
the smell of venom on their breath
the bottom of the barrels been found
bullets fueled by smoking hopelessness
here's a screaming wake-up call
in-equal is a concept designed to make
the suffering small
everyone was equal until we hunted human difference
now we're dragging bodies to the landfill
triggers click
shatter monuments in heads
a cultural nosedive in intelligence
it's in the space between a nations teeth
you don't have to listen carefully. it keeps going
overlooked hidden in undertones
passed on and handed off in simple jokes
it keeps growing
Don't underestimate the power of the things you say
it's been too many years and far too little change

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