The Charlie Daniels Band What My Baby Sees in Me Lyrics

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She tries to find a little bit of good
In everything that comes her way
She says even a broken clock
Is right two times a day
And her daddy warned her
Not to the day she took my name
Said he's a rough and rowdy boy
You know he'll never change
Nobody else can see
What my baby sees in me
Well I pump the gas and change the tires
At the station all day long
She treats me like a millionaire
Every night when I get home
She calls me her Romeo
Even though I'm kinda plain
She says she learned a long time ago
It ain't the whistle that pulls the train
Nobody else can see
What my baby sees in me
Nobody else can see
But that don't matter much to me
Cause she's the only one I really want to please
Well I don't care much for politics
And I probably never will
Cause I'm the kind of man
That says exactly what I feel
And I don't have all the answers
And I'm not always right
But I know I'm never in the dark
When she turns out the light
Nobody else can see
What my baby sees in me
My baby calls my old pick-up truck
Her cowboy Cadillac
If it holds up we're driving
Out to Hollywood and back
We're going to cruise down Sunset Boulevard
She's always wanted to go
Even though she says out of all the stars
I'm the one that steals the show

Nobody else can see what my baby sees in me[x3]

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