Magic What I Gotta Lyrics

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[Police voice: ]

The subject we got here is a known drug pusher

Sellin drugs in a high crime area

Have you searched him yet?

Yeah he had money he had a beeper on him but uh we got him

[Chorus: Mo B. **** & [Silkk] ]

I gotta do what I gotta do [gotta have money gotta have game]

And break you off [gotta have heart if you want to have thangs] x2

[Verse 1: Silkk the Shocker]

See I'm that type of *****, gotta do what I gotta

Like send my girl on a plane ride, taped up with keys of narcotic

But I ain't that type of *****, that's gon' tell you what I'm gon' do

You **** up, I'm a kill ya, and I put that **** on TRU

See I'm that type of ***** that ride with the rich, kick it with the poor

Just 'cause of some **** that I used to do, and my rep

Everybody see me, all of a sudden hit the floor

Rest in peace to my *****, go head and rest y'all head

***** that killed ya, I'm torturin' him, the rest, they dead

So Magic pass me them thangs and let me get 'em (let me get 'em)

Nah I ain't lookin' for you dog

But I'm a **** you up if you wit 'em (so don't be with 'em)

Now see, I'm that type of *****, that's gon' ball 'till they fall (fall)

Dollar bills will stay stackin' and gold and platinum on the wall (wall)

Yeah, I'm that type of ***** but I'm wrong 'cause I know I'd hit her(hit her)

Right before I leave and drop some of my flows

So when he come on home, you can kill her

Now either you with me dog look , or you oppossed to my ****

***** like the ice up on my tank, so **** it I froze my wrist (stupid)

Now either way you want to do, choose, let's take it, a chance

Now we can do it how you want to, what you want to do, we can dance

So don't trip just drop the beat and I'm a drop the heat (heat)

And if this rap **** slow down go to the dope game ***** and cop a key

Whatcha want to do

[Chorus x 4]

[Verse 2: Magic ]

I got to be real with ya, I'm that type of ***** that really don't give a ****

My hobbies was totin' tecks Jack and my first words were give it up

It was hard to maintain, couldn't see myself workin' this 9 to 5

I'd rather be hustlin' on the corner with my *****s, gettin' high

Chancin' my own life, I'm strapped, got a pocketful of bud

But I wouldn't have it no other way, my daddy done raised a thug

I never rooted for the good guys, I was always for the bad (bad)

I guess that's why I got Master P's pictures posted around my pad

My ghetto heroes was drug dealer, killers and cap peelers

I didn't do too bad for myself 'cause, now Magic makin' millions

Me and Silkk unbeatable team we can't be stopped (can't be stopped)

We ain't got nothin' to prove to nobody (nothin')

**** wit' us, you get popped

It's a brand new generation, and we the children of the future

So I'm gon' do what I gotta do because that's what I'm used to

Either you with me or you against me, ball or ***** fall

But I'm a No Limit Soldier, so I'm comin' for it all

[Chorus x 4]
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