Henry Rollins What Have I Got (version II) Lyrics

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I've got a wantless need
I've got a thoughtless mind
I've got a wantless want
I can't unwind
I've got a heart that hates
I've got hands that like to break
They tell me : hold on
They never let me go
I am a clenched fist lookin' for a wall to kiss
I am a locked door lookin' for a foot to kick me to the floor

What have I got? I've got everything
What have I got? Nothin' much at all

Self rejected, well protected, to lock myself inside myself to get free
Self-hated, frustrated, my hands turn to fists
Violence - so hard to resist
I get so mad I do things that I regret
So stupid, so stupid, not stupid enough to ever forget

Got no need, got no brain - inside my mind I feel no pain, no
I feel the pounding in my head
Start lookin', start lookin' - you better look out
I'm not feelin' too nice today
I can't stop, I can't stop - it pulls me together then it tears me apart
Just like that

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