NOFX What’s the Matter With Parents Today? Lyrics

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Mom and Dad, how'd you get so rad, when exactly did you get so hip
Wearing teenage clothes you're always coming to my shows
And telling me that I should mellow out

It's absurd, you're singing every word
You're not supposed to like my band. Things I like you don't understand
So please put down that rum and coke, that's no behavior for old folk
Can't we just hang out on holidays

Dad and Mum, what planet are you from.
And what convinced you to pack up and leave
Doing drugs and asking me for hugs, what's the matter with parents today

Not again, when will it end
Dad's dressing like Motley Crue and why is Mom's hair dyed bright blue
They're staying out till 2 or 3 and then having sex publicly
I thought the apple fell far from the tree

Mom and Dad I think you ought, to quit smoking so much pot
And hanging with my friends
Laying round on the couch, with my Misfits records out
Softly bangin your heads

Maybe it's just a passing phase
What's the matter with my parents these days

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