Kansas What's on My Mind Lyrics

Leftoverture Track Listing
Cartridge 1
  • 1 Opus Insert
  • 2 Miracles out of Nowhere
  • 3 Questions of My Childhood
  • 4 Cheyenne Anthem
  • 5 Magnum Opus: a. Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat; b. Howling at the Moon; c. Man Overboard; d. Industry On Parade; e. Release the Beavers; f. Gnat Attack
  • 6 The Wall (part I)
  • 7 The Wall (conclusion)
  • 8 What’s on My Mind
  • 9 Carry On Wayward Son
  • Well you told me
    That I was just not the one
    And you left me standing out in the cold
    It's been a long time
    And I'm so much better now
    That I'm looking back and seeing it all

    And for the first time
    There's no pain in my life
    It's been a long hard road that I've gone
    We had a good thing
    And it made me a man
    And I know you got me going
    Pardon me, my feelings are showing
    I'm only saying
    What's on my mind

    Well I found you
    Or maybe I found myself
    And I think we knew it all of the time
    We fit together
    Just like a lock and a key
    And we opened up each other's mind

    Yeah I was laughing
    'Cause there was no room to cry
    There was too much growing to do
    We had a good time
    And it ain't over yet
    'Cause I know you've got me going
    Will you pardon me, my feelings are showing
    I'm only saying

    You came from nowhere
    And you just jumped in my life
    And I know it never will be the same
    You made me love you
    Now I'm home once again
    No I never want to leave you nomore
    'Cause I'm attached to the better half of myself
    And there is nowhere else that I'd rather be
    You feel same thing
    You fixed a bad broken heart
    Yes I know you've got me going
    Pardon me my feelings are showing
    I'm only saying what's on my mind

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