Birdman Wet Paint Lyrics

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***** like paint, ***** wet candy,
*****es wanna **** my ***** wet candy
***** like paint, ***** like candy,
*****es wanna **** my ***** wet candy
My ice so hot, car so clean
Leather so soft, ***** you know what I mean
My money so long, game so strong
Hit the *****, break the *****, send the ***** home

See I pulled up in a range ***** gettin' his change
*****es been watchin' me doin' my thing
Heading to the jet, pulled up in the vet
*****es in foreign countries been waiting on that ex
Pull up on another set, phone call bout sex
Baby girl hit me up, tellin' me the ***** wet
See me on eleven hundred, uptown we stuntin'
Uptown rep hundred, uptown gettin' money
Beach in the Harley, blowin' on the Marley
Baby giving me brains, like I just bought it
We ain't even trippin' money we flippin'
*****es keep coming and we keep dipping


See I'm pullin' in the phantom, tryin' to just handle it
*****es give me brains on the side while we handle it
I get the money then we go to Maryland
Going out of state *****, doing it in other places *****
Cookin' in the G4, know I had to let go
Right in her face *****, do it till we get more
Landed on an island that what it is,
*****s poppin' off but I get it how I live
Got some clubbin' tonight, so its ***** wet candy
Left the ***** home, so back out handle it
Hoes all over, hoes all rover
*****es know we doing it so the money's all over


She a nasty ***** *****, a nasty hoe
Loves suckin' **** homie thats fo' sho'
Models with the power, make it rain, make it shower
Models six foot, the money and the power
Fresh to death *****, song so clean
*****es wanna **** my four hundred machine
Six on the whip five on the G4
Five on the lambo, five for my new hoe
I ain't even trippin' spent a mill on the Bugatti
Two on the spider, ***** I got it
**** pop some bottles with some *****es,
I ain't trippin' on these *****es, I be flippin' on them *****es


Written by: Bryan Williams, Tristan G. Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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