Mad Caddies Wet Dog Lyrics

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Look in your eyes
Wanna be inside
Feel like a dog that's been left out in the rain
Where it's cold
Gotta find my way back
I feel you burning and I want to go home
Where it's warm inside

I need your touch
you're like a siren
Temptation pulls me closer I can't resist
So let me in now
cause I've been waiting
Any longer and I'm gonna explode

So tell me that you want it
So many things I need to know
You can't hide your secrets
and nothing's sacred when we're here all alone
Tell me that you like it slow

You've let me in now
It's where I want to stay
You're wrapped around me and I'll never escape
From these games we play
Won't you stay
Our lives will change and we'll both get dizzy

(chorus) Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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