Mack 10 Westside Foe Life Lyrics


We got bitches on the left, Niggas on the right
Bitches wanna fuck, Niggas wanna fight
Do what you gotta do, Nigga keep it tight
But make um understand Its Westside foe Life

X rated America's most faded, Bitch plated niggas in the industry
Got it in for me, but i kick back nigga life is short,
And you don't wanna get put on life support
We wake up early,you aint worthy and got the killas on deck
So the rappers ain't got to get they hands dirty
You wanna battle, hand a bitch the mic
you wanna squab, Im too rich to fight
Niggas get him git him, where it hurts to his head squirts puss
Infamous when you aint kin to us
Abuse with Crips and Bloods, on the loose
Killa Cali all we need is an excuse


Just remember you niggas that want me to timber
I'm in my swimming pool, its the middle of December
Foe every motherfucka that wanna kill a fed
make sure he see a silloutte foe his pillows wet
Its the motherfuckin crack king westside nigga lookin mean
so pass the visine
hit the supa green shoot the M1 carbeam
It yellow tape on the scene, so join my team
It looks like you need protection, From the Westside Connection
Punk the world aint yours cause motherfuckas like you do chores


Ya'll punk niggas don't got a choice
Yo bitch hear my voice pussy get moist
Bitches in the beauty shop, talkin bullshit
Lyin on which rich nigga done hit
How many dicks did you have stuck in you
The topic is always whose fuckin who
Nappy head hoes with earrings in they nose
Always seem to fuck the rich bros
A word to your females consumer
You given all the playas tumors
With your hood rat rumors
Just because you gettin your hair cut
Dont you got to spill yo guts
and lie on my nuts

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