Mack 10 West Side Slaughterhouse Lyrics

Mack 10 Track Listing
  • 1 Mickey D's Lick (intro)
  • 2 Foe Life
  • 3 Wanted Dead
  • 4 On Them Thangs
  • 5 Pigeon Coup
  • 6 Chicken Hawk
  • 7 Here Comes the G
  • 8 West Side Slaughterhouse
  • 9 Niggas Dog Scrapping
  • 10 Armed and Dangerous
  • 11 H-O-E-K
  • 12 10 Million Wayz
  • 13 Mozi-Wozi
  • 14 Mack 10's the Name
  • [Mack 10]
    Microphone check i.o. from the west coast beller and tella
    I cuss like a sella when you see her she's a gonna
    Moved to California blew the ***** up put the gangsta twist on
    Her sunny southern cal it never snows
    *****s yelling ha's and ho's we dumping out of 64's
    When it comes to the gun play we vets
    It's west coast foe life no crew only sets

    [Ice Cube]
    It's the dog breathing through the smog
    I'm a hog of this gangster ****
    Don of the click
    All you suckers want to dis the pacific
    But you buster *****s never get specific
    Used to love her mad cause we ****ed
    Her ***** whipped ***** with no common sense
    Hip hop started in the west
    Ice cube bailing through the east without a vest

    Now as I look to my riznight and to my left
    I see ************s staring like they wanna step
    So I'm grabbing my rusty screw driver
    In case I got to cut ya deeper than Vanessa Del Rio's vagina
    Find another crew of *****s that can **** with this
    Lyrical bully given verbal bruises to crews fool
    You must be on **** dope and dynamite
    How you figure speed on before you get peed on *****

    [Mack 10]
    Fool what side is you
    Red or the blue
    While as the l.a. zoo it's round two
    I ignite grab the mic tight strike like a rattle bring
    Rhymes and nines to the **********ing battle
    So sun down to sun up run up with my gun up
    All brakes get to pumping
    They know a ***** dumping
    You dred like a rasta when I lock like a terrier
    Mack 10 the ***** with the heat that I'll berry ya

    [Ice Cube]
    Oh ah,oh ah, do a walk by and watch everybody die
    *****s into gangs things and narcotics
    Freak *****es riches and hydrolics
    Pull heat knock you off yo feet
    Clear the whole block both sides of the street
    Even crips and bloods hear my thuds
    Fee fy foe fum a ***** where you from west side

    **** all you *****s I'm yelling
    This is mad circle to the fullest everybody 187um
    Toons play the piano **** a battle
    I'm socking rappers like mad man Santiago
    Cause you *****s ain't impressing me plus you singing big red records
    So ***** **** what you telling me
    Sit down jr. you couldn't see me if you wanted to
    Look y?all it Mack 10, cube and the double you

    [Mack 10]
    I just had a scrap fo the neighborhood Inglewood stereotype
    Got to deal with the hype
    Known to kick back with the fat sack **** that
    Where my gat at ***** tripping off my bulls hat
    About to let loose with the chrome tray dude 5 shots
    And I put holes in yo bandanna
    I push a Benz you still rolling gs
    So ***** miss me with the set trip
    And start slanging keys

    [Ice Cube]
    When I say itchy citchy
    *****s get *****y *****y cause they heard of ah
    Natural born murder-ah
    I'm like Frankenstein is spanking time
    Laying in the sunshine
    With only one nine
    Now who wants to bust with the never rust
    Going platinum plus every time I cuss
    So **** the whole world black *****s
    Better hope I don?t grow my Jeri Curl back

    Stepper murder-a stepping out a Chevrolet
    Sporting a beanie like Marvin Gaye
    Stalking walking in my big black chuck's
    Standing tall in your freestyle session holding my balls
    I'm peeping game like a ref in '95
    Cause *****s be foul and biten other *****s styles
    But if you're biten this you better bring a dentist
    Cause sucking these balls ah give yo *** lock jaws

    [Mack 10]
    Which way shall I go ***** what should I do
    Should I bang with the red should I truce with the blue
    Should I rock dope beats grab the mic and stay down
    Or should I shoot out of town and flip this pound
    **** I never knew that my nuts ah get bigger
    Checking major figures I'm hanging with platinum *****s
    It's Mack 10 and I'm Inglewood swinging
    No time for banging
    But still got my cackeys hanging

    [Ice cube]
    **** one love it's the bloody glove killing honkey hoes
    Leaving blood stains on broncos
    In a hertz rental I drive on the 405
    Is he dead or alive
    **********ing court took another snort
    Jumping over chairs as I run through the airport
    So I can catch a flight away from the drama
    Number 32 chilling in the Bahamas

    Sucky ducky quack *****s ain't knowing how to act
    Sucker ducks play the back
    ***** use to dis now it's turning around and like brandy
    ************s wanna be down
    With this west coast rap game I can give a ****
    If you wasn't down at first you can buck these nuts
    Transformers get stole on boom (boom)
    Get the picture killer cali home of the body bags *****

    Westside [Repeat: x2]

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