Ten Second Epic Welcome to Wherever You Are Lyrics

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Somewhere in the world now you're getting out of bed.
You're standing on your own feet to shake your sleeping head.
If you win take the credit, if you lose take the blame.
No one knows where you are and they never will again.
I can still remember the day you up and left.
I swear it was a moment that I will never forget.
You said you'd take no prisoners, and that's just what you did.
You took my heart captive... hope you know that you are missed.

Welcome to your life, welcome to goodbye.
You see the big world through small town eyes.
Welcome to the point, the point of no return.
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Let the past ignite and memories burn... I say, welcome to wherever you are.

I can see you in the doorway with the daylight flooding in.
Itmust have hid your secrets, I know more than I did then.
Looking back I should have noticed, there's a longing in your eyes.
And underneath the surface there was a truth you could not hide.

All the time we spent together, every night we stayed up late.
All the looks that I've forgotten and the plans we never made.
Do you ever wonder about everything you left?
Do you question your decisions, do you ever second guess?

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