Obie Trice Welcome Lyrics

Special Reserve Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome
  • 2 Got Hungry
  • 3 You've Been Slain
  • 4 On and On
  • 5 I Am
  • 6 4 Stories
  • 7 Roughnecks
  • 8 Cool Cats
  • 9 What You Want
  • 10 Jack My Dick
  • 11 Dope, Jobs, Homeless
  • Yeah, yeah, welcome, yeah
    Obie Trice, the (Well Known Asshole)
    Has just entered, motherfuckin demented
    Check me out, y'all ain't ready
    Yo, yo

    [Verse - Obie Trice]
    I walk the blocks in anger, your family's in danger
    Young, black male, livin in Hell
    Screamin "FUCK THAT SHIT!" (FUCK THAT SHIT!), speech description
    Worries the old people, plus it keeps my mama bitchin
    Low life, inflicted, liquor drinkin adolescent
    Just was struck with the fact world ain't pleasant
    Middle class nigga but daddy ain't home
    Runnin the block with thugs Face and Jerome
    Cocked my first heater, darin a nigga to step up
    Gettin shot in the fuckin gut
    That's 'cause I'm raunchy, channel my anger to stay grimy
    Through this rap shit to prevent legal action (legal action)
    No more jail cells for me (jail cells for me)
    So to ceast the agony I just fuck up emcees (fuck up emcees)
    Lacerate body parts
    Fuck up your stage art, rippin microphones apart
    Remain focused (remain focused), never no time for hocus pocus
    Death to the emcee who front like he the dopest
    Take a rope and wrap it around your neck (around your neck)
    And squeeze, 'til I hear that shit crack (shit crack)
    Who's next in line to get hit with a rhyme
    That's built accordingly to destroy mankind (destroy mankind)
    Obie Trice on the grind (grind), aiyyo (aiyyo ...)

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