Nappy Roots Welcome to the Show Lyrics

The Pursuit of Nappyness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Show
  • 2 Do It Big
  • 3 Fishbowl
  • 4 Be Alright
  • 5 Infield
  • 6 How I Do
  • 7 The People
  • 8 Ride
  • 9 Live & Die
  • 10 Back Home
  • 11 Know Bout Me
  • 12 Right Place, Right Time
  • 13 Winner Take All
  • 14 Paint a Picture
  • 15 P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappyness)
  • 16 All 4 You
  • [Verse 1 - Skinny DeVille]
    They say success is the best revenge, tell a friend
    keep 'em close like a enemy, invest to win
    safeless, the necessary, leave the rest to them
    loose lips sink boats, try your best to swim
    captain of your ship, do ya best and grin
    never let 'em see you sweat the stress again
    and make a new direction, take ya next of kin
    out the trap, it's called life--make the best of it

    [Verse 2 - Fishscales]
    Well it's the F-I-S-H S-C-A-L-E-S
    you can find me rollin' hella sess
    I keep a smile cause I never stress
    I'm gettin' love in Kentucky from Paducah back to Somerset
    and yeah I'm country I don't run from that
    I got a catalogue full of 16s say I come from there
    and this is me all day, I'm never clockin in'
    just wanna say thank y'all for just stoppin' in

    Welcome to the show, welcome to the show, Welcome to the show [x4]

    [Verse 3 - Big V]
    Dear God, let them hear me and see you
    thanks heavenly for what you allow me to do
    all things are possible when I go through you
    thanks for the caterin' and real good food
    thanks for the DJ and 5-man crew
    bless him for the fans, God, you the man
    well, as I bring this to a close
    bless me with a feel for the real good (HOES!!!)

    [Verse 4 - B. Stille]
    Uh, I rock the, v-neck tees, wrinkly jeans
    old people askin' me "do you sleep in them jeans?"
    I reply, "no sir or ma'am, this is the style,"
    big smile, I ain't felt like this in a while
    see the young'ns on the block, tell 'em stay in that school
    gangbangin', hangin' out, smokin', drinkin' ain't cool
    show you how to be a leader, just follow your dreams
    and always vow to keep it Nappy by any means

    Dude, dude, you guys are phenomenal dude...
    I promise...I mean, my sister loves you guys...
    I joined this frat because of you guys...
    Fuckin' awesome, man...
    Nappy fuckin' Roots

    [Verse 5 - Ron Clutch]
    The world's a stage, just tryin' to play my part
    keep my feet on earth and still parlay with the stars
    yeah I be spacin' out, vacation to Mars
    but when I return, I come back with the burn
    what you learn? Sometimes you have to take it that far
    it's more important how you finish than the way that you start
    life is bittersweet, even taste a lil' tart
    let you make the situation, it don't make who you are
    you can't throw in your hand, might as well play with your cards
    you win some, you lose some, don't take it to heart
    take it to the next level, take it way out the chart
    you don't wanna leave here without makin' your mark
    bet your light shine, find your way out the dark
    surround yourself with good energy so you can stay charged
    stay on the cuttin' edge, make sure your blades stay sharp
    art imitates life, life imitates art...


    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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