Mötley Crüe Welcome to the Machine Lyrics

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Step right up and listen
Welcome to the show
Sign on the 'x' to sell your soul

It's so automatic
Hocking broken plastic
Royalties you'll never know

Rotting to the core
Give your *** like a whore
Once you take a hit
You need more more more more...

Welcome to the machine
Once it sucks you in you'll never leave
Grind you up spit you out
After all you're just a piece of meat
Welcome to the machine

Count your days they're numbered
Where you gonna be
When it all goes down in flames

Sell out to the rats
Make 'em rich make em fat
Get a poison dwarf to watch your back

Written by: Martin H Frederiksen, Mick N Mars, James N Michael, Nikki N Sixx
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Round Hill Music Big Loud Songs

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